Feuillard Daily N°34 - Variation 1 to 40

One part/variation - Tips - Video - Challenges!

Course Summary

Master your bowing technique!
String crossings, slow, fast, slurs, speeds, frog, tip, middle.... Boost your bowing technique and train your brain to adapt to all kind of bowings for a same melody/fingering with Feuillard Daily Exercises number 34 + practice tips and videos.

This training is organized in two different ways: you can learn from 1 to 40, or learn by topics organized for the class.
Each variation is written in a single PDF with the articulation, and a few practice tips are written before each variation.
You can then observe the video and play along with the metronome.
Optimized learning groups variations by movements of the elbow, an introduction to biomechanics without even having to talk about levers and forces!

For the pro and cellists who like the challenge, you can take post a video of you playing each variation in the group or on your social media using #feuillard34rocks


Course Curriculum

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  • Individual part for each variation
  • A group where you can share your playing and challenges
  • Tips before each variation
  • Intonation practice guidance
  • Optimized learning section
  • Slow motion videos for a deeper understanding of the bowing technique
  • A video recording per variation

Marianne Dumas

With years of experience both as a performer and an educator, Marianne has developed a unique approach to teaching that emphasizes proper technique and body alignment, ensuring that her students not only produce beautiful music but also play without risking injury. She has become a sought-after expert in the field, giving workshops and masterclasses on the subject to musicians and educators alike.

Alongside her teaching and research, Marianne continues to perform as a soloist and chamber musician, collaborating with other talented artists to bring classical music to audiences around the world. Her dedication to both performance and education has made her a respected figure in the music community, and her innovative approach to teaching has inspired countless students to pursue their own musical dreams.

In addition to her teaching and performing, Marianne Dumas is also an accomplished researcher, with a particular focus on the history and origins of the violoncello. Her research has delved into the musical and historical context of the Bach Cello Suites, as well as the various performance practices associated with them. Marianne's research has culminated in a highly acclaimed recording of the complete Bach Cello Suites on a full baroque set-up, which has been praised for its depth of expression and attention to detail. 

Her dedication to both scholarship and performance has made her a respected figure in the classical music world, and her work continues to inspire and inform musicians around the globe.