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Excellence is the alliance of talent, technique, and hard work...
Even the most talented athletes have been using sports biomechanics to optimize their technique and prevent injuries.
Are you ready to embark on a new journey into cello biomechanics?
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Your movement is your sound! 
Invest in Yourself, not only in your cello.


You can also book an individual class only.
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It is easier to stay in good shape and improve with a coach!


A community and many discussion groups!
Share images, questions, ideas, videos links, follow each others, create #challenges...

From February the 17th  the first 8 groups will open: social media and challenges. Share your social media page with the community, follow each other, share your posts, ask for help with hashtags, share tips, challenges...

Cello topics:

And of course, a group per Bach Cello Suite...