Programs include theory notes, explanations, videos, quizz, and exercises. Online courses can be combined with one/one sessions.

Online courses to practice and learn etudes in the best and easiest possible way. At the end of each etude, a private group to share your video with other cellists like you!
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Biomechanics principles online course with 4 individual coachings to understand posture & movement. How to minimize your effort and improve your performance and sound.

Technique & Warmups

Feuillard Daily exercises
Online courses to boost your technique, optimized learning and tips for each variation.

Pilates, Yoga, TRE...

This Website is also about the cellist's health. From January, online courses will be available with guest teachers for Yoga, TRE, Pilates and more...
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The need of feedbacks and advices never stops, this is why you can ask Marianne, cello nerd who has researched and found the answers you need! If you have a one year membership, use the booking link you received by email to get the 10€ off!

AUdition coach

Preparing for auditions is easier with a coach!

Long and healthy career...

Like athletes we must take care of our muscles and joints. Prevent or heal from injuries and overuse syndrom. For teacher, prevent injuries for your students!

Awesomeness - 90 min

You are good and you know it, but as you also know, we can always improve! I am here with all the technique tips, ready for deep technique details to make your playing even more awesome!

Technique is the answer

Marianne's favorite topic... Ready to give you the tools you need to play the way you want. Nothing is impossible, it's only posture and movement...