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Biomechanics kickstarter course, applied to YOUR playing, including injuries prevention/healing chapter, by and with Marianne Dumas

4 chapters with 4 individual coachings.

This training will give you the tools to work on the topics of your choice:

- optimizing your playing.
- getting a better sound projection in your forte but also in your PP.
- playing faster.
- understanding and teaching the tension release technique.
- preventing and healing from injuries.

- preventing injuries for your students.

The course starts with a first individual coaching. During this session, we will evaluate your needs and goals and tailor this course for you.
By the end of this training, you will have a deeper understanding of your cello technique, the use of weight, gravity, levers, balance, but also what can cause injuries.

Gain freedom in your playing with a better use of forces and levers.

Live sessions can be in English, French, or Spanish.

For whom?

  • Cellists looking for a way to boost their technique (improve intonation, speed, vibrato, sound quality and projection)
  • Cello teachers & performers.
  • Cellists dealing with pain. 
  • Cellists caring about injury prevention.
  • Motivated cellists lookinf for deep understanding of cello technique, ready to boost their playing.
  • Future professionals

Price: 400€

Topics of the course

4 chapters with 4 individual coachings

4 long Individual Sessions (4x90min)

Analysis of your movement patterns. Personalized exercises to improve your movement and technique, and guidance through the 4 chapters of the course.


Balance will allow optimal force production, stability, and control during movement. Keep your balance and keep moving!

Anatomy of the arm and the shoulder

Understand the structure and function of your shoulder and arm, optimize your technique and practice time, prevent injuries, make informed decisions about your health and performance.

Levers & Motion

Understanding levers and the laws of motion can help you optimize your technique, resulting in a stronger playing, more freedom of interpretation and a reduced injury risk.

Marianne Dumas

With years of experience both as a performer and an educator, Marianne has developed a unique approach to teaching that emphasizes proper technique and body alignment, ensuring that her students not only reach their best level but also play without risking injury. She has become a sought-after expert in the field, giving workshops and masterclasses on the subject to musicians and educators alike.

Alongside her teaching and research, Marianne continues to perform as a soloist and chamber musician, collaborating with other talented artists to bring classical music to audiences around the world. Her dedication to both performance and education has made her a respected figure in the music community, and her innovative approach to teaching has inspired countless students to pursue their own musical dreams.

In addition to her teaching and performing, Marianne Dumas is also an accomplished researcher, with a particular focus on the history and origins of the violoncello. Her research has delved into the musical and historical context of the Bach Cello Suites, as well as the various performance practices associated with them. Marianne's research has culminated in a highly acclaimed recording of the complete Bach Cello Suites on a full baroque set-up, which has been praised for its depth of expression and attention to detail. 

Her dedication to both scholarship and performance has made her a respected figure in the classical music world, and her work continues to inspire and inform musicians around the globe.

In Addition to thé Cello Institute Online, Marianne teaches at the Bordeaux Conservatory in France.